The aim of the SCRIBE project is to develop a network-based framework for assessing credit risk alongside related information products that exploit that framework. The objectives (and contributions) of the work are to develop:

  1. Network-based techniques for dynamically assessing the health status of SMEs in the context of their business ecosystems, evaluating their network characteristics/sophistication and identifying more accurately their credit risk.
  2. The technological and methodological artefacts necessary to support the framework, in the form of a: (a) Semantic data integration hub capable of storing and integrating big and/or open datasets of different origin and format; and (b) methodological (ontology-based) approach to underpin the semantic transformation and integration of the datasets.
  3. Exploitable information products in the form of: (a) real-time network credit risk assessment of SMEs; and (b) product matching (e.g., network-based cross-sell, up-sell and product tailoring).
  4. An evolutionary network model of past, present and predicted future UK business ecosystems.
  5. The legal recommendations necessary to ensure appropriate levels of privacy within the business ecosystems.

The deliverables arising and their relationships are illustrated in the following diagram:

SCRIBE Deliverables Image